To prove his resurrection first prove his death(A conversation)

Continuation of

  • His Death

Micheal: Now to prove about resurrection of Christ from Dead, we must first consider his death.
Bible says in, Mathew Chapter 27, How Jesus died.

Dr Stephen:
We know what Bible says about Jesus death, we want some logical proof out of Bible.
Micheal: Yes Doctor, but through this point I will also prove that Bible is true. Crucifixion of Christ is historically proven with the fact the Jews accept this fact and Jews historians like Flavius Josephus include references about Jesus’s Crucifxion. Josephus wrote,
At this time there was a wise man who was called Jesus. And his conduct was good and his learning outstanding. And many people from among the jews and the other nations became his disciple. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die………

Shah: But why should we believe in Jew witnesses?

Micheal: Because they were the one who crucified and condemned him to death.

Shah: Was this historian, a religious historian?

Micheal: No, but he wrote the antiquities of Jew under roman empire. His writing are genuine and accepted by the Historians. So his witness about Jesus crucifixion is true.

Rohit: Many skeptics proposed that Jesus merely fainted or drugged and later escaped as a part of a conspiracy ?

Micheal: But contradicting this point the 4 gospels tells us about his public bleeding and death by crucifixion and burial.
Mark 15:37
“And Jesus cried out with Loud voice, and breathed his last”
Lets see what is exactly Crucifixion?
Chances of surviving crucifixion was impossible, crucifixion was a tortured considered to the worst way to die. A person was tortured so intense that the veins, arteries intestine, bones, every single part were barred and after that a person was dragged and were hanged on a cross or tree.

Reema: It doesn’t seems to be real, this kind of story of death is only seen in films like Passion of Christ. You saying it was like that? I don’t believe in it.

Micheal: Actually it was worse than that.

Historically Crucifixion is considered to be the worst form of Death penalty.

  • The Romans were very very good at killing people, they were specialized on it.
  • If a soldier shows any mercy on a victim and if that victim has not died. By law the soldier will take up his place cross.
  • In 18th century historian found a body of a Jew, who was crucified during reign of Emperor Nero. The way he was crucified was exactly the same written in Bible.

Reema: So was it like the same with nails, spears and all? Did they treated the same with all criminals.

Micheal: Not exactly, In Jesus case I would have been worse than that, in Jesus case he was charged by Jews in the case of Blasphemy, which was considered to be the worst crime. So you can imagine how much Jesus was tortured.
The most important verse about his death from the romans is written in
John, 19:34
“But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear and immediately blood and water came out.”
Medical experts says that with this account of john and eye witness is an evidence concluding that his heart was ruptured.
So I hope that, the skeptical claim that Jesus was drugged doent make any sense LOICALLY.

Stella: What makes him to be called as ‘The Messiah’?

Tobe continued…….


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