“Table of Love”


Shalom +++
Lenten thoughts from a “Table of Love” painting

Yesterday I shared a story behind an inspirational painting called “Table of Hope” but that story is not complete yet.
Earlier we saw how Joey found 12 children in poor districts of Manila . After treating them with meals, Joey took their pictures and retreated to his studio to start working on the painting. Which turned out to be a very thought provoking painting “Table of Hope”. It was a hope for better future of those Kids portrayed on canvas by Joey who was very sick with a life threatening Kidney disease.

The story of those kids didn’t ended with that painting, it continued with one more master piece ,Joey not only hoped for a better future of those 12 kids but he actually created a better future for those slum kids. Three years later, in 2008, he successfully helped each kid with secured shelter at a Gawad Kalinga village for them. They all have a better life now. This inspired him to create “Table of Love,” another version of the Last Supper with Jesus Christ dining with the same 12 street children but this time these Kids are happy and smiling with their homes as the background.

We all think about the miserable life of others, we hope the best for them but we resist taking the step to achieve what we hoped for.
Artist Joey passed away 4years back but with his life, with his painting “Table of Hope” the artist genuinely hoped for a better future for those kids and with the second painting he achieved what he hoped for, filling the life of those kids with Love.

Christ who showed this world that He who Himself is Love, is with us. May God help us to hope a better life for everyone and to achieve what we are hoping for with Love and care.

Rijo Geevarghese


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  1. Littina George

    God bless u Rijo…. Very nice article. ..lets pray n hope dat God use our talents for him

    Littina George Manalel

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