iKONA: Feast of Annunciation.

Shalom +++

As per Indian Orthodox Church calender today(25th March) is the Feast of #Annunciation.

The Icon of the Annunciation reflects the deep inner joy. It is the joy of the Old testament promise being fulfilled through the incarnation of the Redeemer of the world.
“This day is the beginning of our salvation and the manifestation of the Eternal mystery. The Son of God becomes the son of the Virgin and Gabriel announce the good news of grace. Therefore let us also him cry to mother of God: Hail! Thou that art Full of grace; the Lord is with thee.”

annunciation from vasilyevskiy by Andreï Roublev

Annunciation from vasilyevskiy by Andreï Roublev

+This Joy is also mentioned in colors. I will try to briefly explain the meaning behind the Icons depicting this joyful event.

+The majority of Icons depicts Archangel Gabriel in swift motion, he just descended from heaven and looking as a diligent servant intent on carrying out the task given by his Master. His legs are wide apart as though he came running.

+In his left hand he holds a staff, the symbol of a messenger, his right hand strongly moving toward Virgin Mary. He communicates to Her with the glad news from his Master.

+The Mother of God is depicted either sitting, to emphasise her superiority over Angel or sometimes as standing , as listening to King’s command. As per the rule in Icons, she will be holding a yarn in Her Hands, rarely a scroll. These details are more mentioned in the Proto Gospel of St James.

+The Icon usually emphasizes three moments of the event.
1) The apparition of Angel, his greeting, amazed Holy Virgin. In this icon, in Her surprise, drops the yarn she was spinning.
2) The beginning of our salvation, with the beginning of the fall of man. The fall of our ancestor eve. There Eve along with Adam was casted out of Eden by an angel and here An angel comes in front of New eve for the beginning of our Salvation. Virgin at once does not accept this extraordinary message and recalls the Law of nature:”How this shall be , seeing I know not a man?”
3) Finally, Mother of God bowing Her head , with her right palm to Her breast –the gesture of acceptance , of submission which has decided the fate of the World.
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto Me according to thy word.”

+A traditional Iconographical sphere can be scene above , the symbol of high heaven and rays coming through it-the very action of Holy spirit. Same like the Icon of Holy Baptism.

+One of the most attractive feature is the compilation of Unity of action and will of God and His creature. As the festival speaks:
“The angel serves the miracle , the virgin womb receives the Son, the Holy spirit is sent down , the Father send his favor from high(sphere) and the transformation is made………”




Rijo Geevarghese

Icons: one made by Andreï Roublev


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