Feet washing Service at Coptic Church

Khristos Anesti! +++

Feet Washing service in Coptic Church and Indian Church:

This Service is observed in remembrance of what happened on Holy Thursday when Jesus washed the feet of his twelve disciples prior to the Last Supper. And laid an example to all Christians showing the extent of humility in Christian life.

This year I attended the service at Coptic Church. Service was same like Indian and other Oriental churches except , In Coptic church Priest washes the feet of entire Male congregation and water is sprinkled over the female congregation. Service is performed by the parish priest mostly, not just by a bishop . Due to large crowd, normal priest makes sign of cross only rather washing it. The Church I went had a strength of about 2000 people. I was also blessed with this service.
In olden days, there use to be a vessel attached to the ground which was specially for foot washing ceremony. It can be seen in some old monasteries like Syrian monastery.


I feet washing hole, in Syrian monastery

In Indian Church and Syrian Church this service is performed only by a Bishop. There will be some 12 selected persons, both priests and the lay people, and the Bishop will wash and kiss the feet of those 12 persons . (As seen in picture)

H.H the Catholicos of East

H.H the Catholicos of East


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