400+ times Kyrieliyson with Prostration during Good friday Coptic and its similarity with Indian Church

Khrstos Anesti +++
400+ times Kyrielyson with Prostration
I attended the Good friday service at St Marks Cathedral, Alexandria. Today sharing an experence from the good friday service in Coptic Church .

Prostration inside the altar

Prostration inside the altar

Prostration and chanting Kyrielyson is one of the most unique and blissful tradition of Orthodox Churches. Especially during Great lent and passion week numerous prostrations are preformed. In Coptic Church following the 11th and the 12th hour during Good friday service , the whole congregation prostrate(Kumbidil)(Metanis) and chants  Kyrielyson 400+ time (100 facing each direction).

During 11th and the 12th hour after the readings, the cross is raised by the Patriarch or Bishop or Senior priest. Starting from east direction and the whole congregation chants Kyrielyson (Lord have mercy) with prostration (full or half) first facing east direction.  100 times facing east , 100 times facing west, 100 times facing north, 100 times facing south. Following this the clergies and congregation faces east again and continue further 12 kyrielyson chnated in a log tune.

It was a blessed experience when the whole congregation in St Marks Cathedral alexandria (may 3000 believers) chanting kyrielyson.

Orthodox way of prostration

Orthodox way of prostration

Similarity with Indian Church.
This tradition is same in all the oriental churches. In Indian Orthodox church there is service of sleeba vandanam during which everyone prostrate and kiss the Holy Cross one by one. Again during burial service congregation prostrate and chant Kyrielyson. Coptic church performs the burial service after the recitation of Kyrielyson 400 times.


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