+++Witnessing the first Ghanaian Icon by Daniel

+++Witnessing the first Ghanaian Icon by Daniel

It was great blessing to witness the first Icon by Daniel in a Ghanaian style. Daniel is my Ghanaian friend and is new to Oriental ‪#‎Orthodoxy‬. Professionally he is a Wood carver and makes beautiful handmade wooden arts. His inclination towards traditional wood carving art helped him to take interest in Orthodox traditional art. During an Iconography session, Daniel showed a keen interest in learning more about Icons, its meaning and Orthodox concept of ‪#‎Iconography‬. And I was more than happy to answer and discuss with him about it.


Followed by Daniel introduced his Ghanaian culture to Iconography. Colors, Symbols especially the ‪#‎Adinkra‬ symbols (Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Akan tribe of Ghana representing some messages like star symbolizing “God the King”). Colors where generally related to Ghanaian flag which has common colors like other African flags (same like Ethiopian icons)

The First Icon made by Daniel is of most Holy Theotokos, which is a 15*30 wooden panel Icon. Daniel’s interest in Iconography is keep growing and he continues to study and write Icons. Followed by he made two more Icons on rock , one of St John the Baptist and other of Elijah.
His story is an inspiration for many. And this story needs to be shared.
May God help him to grow further and share Orthodoxy in Africa.
‪#‎Orthopost‬ ‪#‎GhanianIcon‬


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