About me


This is Rijo Geevarghese from India. I am a member of Indian Orthodox Church. Inclined toward Orthodox Iconography, Arts and Mission.

Although I was born in Kerala but I spent most of my life in North India. Did my schooling from Jabalpur, M.P . completed my Engineering from RGTU, Bhopal, M.P in the year May, 2012. Followed by training in Accel IT. ltd , Kochi Kerala. Then switched to eClerx Service limited , Mumbai. As I am inclined toward theological studies particularly Iconography and Church Service, I switched and resigned my job, leaving the to the corporate world on 28th of May, 2014.

Got enrolled in Coptic Studies Institute, Cairo to pursue my studies in Iconography , Patrology , Studies of Monasteries with the help of my mother church The Indian Orthodox Church and support from Coptic Orthodox Church.

In field of Icons, I was also guided through personal lessons from Russian Iconographers in Egypt as well as abroad.

During this time got also inclined to the Mission activities of Coptic church in Africa which in returned helped me to discover my passion towards missionary works too.

This Blog is about my works and thoughts in the field of Arts, Iconography and service.




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